Saturday, December 21, 2013

Bruce Tropical Cyclone Affected Extreme Weather and Flooding in East Java

Bengawan Solo River overflowed and inundated at least 11,188 houses across 115 villages within 15 sub districts of Bojonegoro District,  East Java, on 21 December. The floods claimed three casualties and caused temporary displacement to around 1,675 persons in 10 displacement centres. Additonally, the floods also caused medium damages in 1,630 houses and light damages in 1,006 houses. Approximately 67 schools were inundated: 26 kindergarten schools,  34 elementary schools, 5 junior high schools,  and two senior high schools. Bojonegoro is forecasted to experience raining with medium intensity on 22 December. 
Local BPBD already set up public kitchens as they distributed food items to the displaced families. According to 2010 statistics,  Bojonegoro District is home for 335,278 families or 1,209,973 persons with 598,365 men and 611,608 women.

East Java, together with southern part of Central Kalimantan,  Maluku and Papua has been forecasted to experience extreme weather with heavy raining, thunderstorm and whirlwind for 20-22 December, following the emerging tropical cyclone Bruce at approximately 2,540 km southwest Kerinci that moves to the south away from Indonesia region with maximum speed at 110 knots or 205 km/hour. The cyclone was also predicted to cause high tide with 2-3 meters high in the sea water of Sabang, Simeulue, Nias, Mentawai,  Enggano, Bengkulu,  Lampung,  Sunda, Banten, Central Java, West Sumatra and southern part of Java. Rainfall intensity (even more during extreme weather),  sea water surface (high tide) and water flow and absorption capacity of the land are three controlling factors that would trigger flooding. 

Sources: BNPB,  BMKG 
-Nova Ratnanto

Friday, November 22, 2013

Floods and Landslides in North Gorontalo

Heavy rain caused floods and landslides in Gorontalo on 22 November 2013 evening. The floods affected 11 villages across three sub districts in North Gorontalo District.

In Gentuma Raya Sub District, the floods affected at least 1,471 persons in Ipilo Village,  761 persons in Molongota Village, and 450 persons in Coklat Village.  

In Tomiloto Sub District,  the floods affected 503 persons in Leyad Village,  1,002 persons in Bubode Village,  692 persons in Milayo Village,  and 1,001 persons in Jembatan Merah Village.

In Kewandang Sub District, the floods affected 1,637 persons in Pentolo Village,  1,419 persons in Motilongo Village, and at least 2,239 persons in Titidu Village.

The heavy rain caused riverwater to overflow houses along the riverbanks.  District BPBD already work together with local police, military,  and community to clean up the debris as the floods subsided.

Source : BNPB,  North Gorontalo BPBD

-Nova Ratnanto

Wednesday, November 20, 2013